Become self-employed as an advertising consultant


Advertising consultants support companies of all sizes in marketing their products or services. Holistic advertising concepts are worked out, which should appeal to many customers with the greatest possible reach and ideally win them over. Advertising consultants implement the ideas of their clients, they take care of an efficient marketing or advertising campaign and budgeting can also be part of their area of ​​responsibility. Basically, a clever advertising strategy is indispensable for every company in order to assert itself in the competitive market in the long term. In this respect, the plan to become self-employed as a consultant in the advertising industry promises attractive prospects if the course is set for entrepreneurial success from the start.

Starting a business as an advertising consultant: What interested parties can find out here

  • Realistically classifying opportunities: facts about the advertising industry
  • strategic business orientation: range of services, added value, etc.
  • Personal and professional requirements as an independent advertising consultant
  • formal requirements for self-employment as an advertising consultant

Well-founded expert knowledge is the basis for success in self-employment

In general, every self-employed person requires sound expert knowledge in the respective field in order to offer customers a comprehensive range of services with convincing added value. Unique selling points are strategically very advantageous in order to clearly stand out from the competition and thus to simplify customer acquisition. The same applies to the job description of the advertising consultant as to all activities in the field of public relations (PR) : there are no standardized training paths. If you want to become self-employed as an advertising consultant , you can take advantage of numerous, in some cases part- time training opportunities. Vocational colleges and higher commercial schools typically offer respected technical qualifications in this professional field.

Furthermore, there is a large range of further education and training offered by vocational training institutes and adult education institutions. Popular distance learning courses for advertising consultants offer a high degree of flexibility in order to plan the long-term path to self-employment as an advertising consultant from a full-time job. The careful planning of the professional start-up should be given enough space anyway. A professional business plan is the best way to deal with all the content and directions of your own business idea. This work is worthwhile, because in addition to the strategic fine-tuning, a convincing business plan also functions as a legible business card that external donors actually always want to see.

Facts and trends for the entrepreneurial classification / assessment of the starting position

The market in which self-employed advertising consultants operate is very strong in terms of sales and growth. More and more companies are increasing their advertising budgets in order to gain more relief in customer perception in competitive markets. In 2015, the advertising industry recorded a solid plus of 3.5%. The gross advertising expenditure had a total volume of 29.2 billion euros. The front-runner Procter & Gamble in terms of advertising expenditure alone accounted for 600 million euros.

For long-term successful self-employment as an advertising consultant, promising trends should be recognized and used commercially. Current developments show that advertising expenditures for mobile devices in particular are increasing dramatically (2015 saw growth of 58% in this area). For large companies, television is still the leading medium at just under 14 billion euros. The advertising expenditure in the e-commerce sector also shows a strong plus of almost 23% at 3.6 billion.

Range of services and target group as the basis for sustainable business orientation

In principle, your own experience and qualification background are decisive for the orientation of the independent activity as an advertising consultant. The self-employed should only offer customers services that ensure a high level of quality. It is better to focus on a few services and therefore a specific nicheto focus than to offer a colorful potpourri that can quickly appear arbitrary. The above numbers suggest that freelance advertising consultants should focus more on small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, project-based cooperation on an independent basis with large companies is also possible, but this requires a good name and a functioning network. When setting up the business, the location and the possible radius of action must of course also be considered: Which companies are there and which advertising consultant services are in demand? And what about the competition in the advertising industry? Are there any larger advertising agencies that may already be working with the existing companies? All these considerations ultimately lead to being able to define the target group and the range of services.

Overview: possible contents of the range of services of an independent advertising consultant

  • individual advertising advice with concept creation and implementation
  • Design and production of print products (image flyers etc.)
  • Design and placement of advertising on (local) radio, TV or the Internet
  • Design of advertising in (regional) print media
  • Design and production of individualized give aways (customer gifts)
  • Development and implementation of holistic online marketing strategies
  • Specialization in advertising lettering for vehicles

These few possible contents already show that there is definitely entrepreneurial space for specializations in this area. For the respective service there should be a high demand and a supply gap in the envisaged area if possible.

Think advertising holistically and derive unique selling points

The possible service portfolio immediately shows that modern advertising is no longer limited to just one medium. TV and print advertising have faced strong virtual competition due to the triumphant advance of the Internet, which many companies now prefer due to their greater reach and better cost efficiency. In this respect, the ’Internet' medium should no longer be missing from any range of services, because even the smallest companies now rely on this successful medium . In this respect, it can also be very useful to distinguish yourself as an expert in online advertising.

Really ready for self-employment as an advertising consultant?

Regardless of whether the employment relationship has already been terminated internally or a way out of unemployment is sought: Before starting their own business, prospective founders should honestly go to court with themselves and consider the requirements and consequences of this decision. The market is large and very profitable, but the same applies to the competition in the form of large advertising agenciesout. Anyone who wants to be successful in the advertising industry needs stamina and great negotiating skills. The ability to make contacts, the joy of communication and a certain sales talent appear to be very important for sustainable success. Of course, a large portion of creativity also belongs to the job description of the advertising consultant. However, this creativity will only be productive for customers if it is optimally exploited through technical knowledge and the use of advertising potential. There will not always be regular working hours, especially in the financially sensitive start-up phase. The advantage is that in principle, no large initial investments are required for self-employment as an advertising consultant, unless representative business premises are to be rented.

Advertising on your own account should not be missing as an advertising consultant

Building a customer base is the most important and at the same time the most difficult task for every self-employed person. In the advertising industry, however, independent consultants can make their skills very attractive to potential customers by marketing themselves professionally . Advertising in the form of a convincing homepage can be a very effective business card to attract customers' attention. To be successful as an advertising consultant, a functioning network should not be overlooked. Those who network well will be able to make a major contribution to a growing customer base and a consistently good order situation through contacts and recommendations in the industry.

Freelance or commercial? Formal requirements for self-employment as an advertising consultant

As is the case with many job profiles in the creative advisory area, it is also not possible for the advertising consultant to clearly assign them . A look at discussion forums and the current case law shows that in most cases a business registration as an advertising consultant will be unavoidable. Anyone who wants to benefit from the ' freelance ' status due to special knowledge or specific training in this area must contact the tax office anywayturn. This will examine and arrange the activity. In the majority of cases, the advertising consultant’s activity is classified as commercial. In individual cases, the range of services offered is to be used in particular, as it shows which activities are of a commercial nature. A pure artistic activity in the field of advertising advice is rather unlikely.

Becoming self-employed as an advertising consultant: Summary of all key aspects

  • Good business prospects for self-employment: The advertising market is growing rapidly and has strong sales
  • In view of the competitive situation, the target group and the range of services offered must be strategically aligned with a view to the radius of action
  • Future-oriented business potential lies primarily in advertising on mobile devices and in the e-commerce sector (online advertising)
  • In most cases, advertising consultants will need to start a business before starting self-employment. In individual cases, the responsible tax offices also grant the status of freelancer.