Don’t get familiar with strangers on Facebook


It may seem like becoming a Facebook friend of someone who lives on the other side of the world and who you have never met (and will never meet) is a pretty good idea. However, Facebook cautions: don’t do this. Yes, the social media giant – who wants the world to connect using its platform – is strongly suggesting its users to connect virtually only to people they know.

Discover the Facebook guide – „Own Your Space”

After the topic of reckless sharing of data with users arose, Facebook produced a security guide called Own Your Space. It contains a number of best online practices, including how to manage passwords or how to recognize phishing scams (scams that use e-mail messages or messages theoretically sent by legitimate entities).

Beware of criminals

Facebook is a rich area for scam hunting, hackers, and criminals who see the potential in its global reach. Phishing, password reset, and other scams have been commonplace for many years. But users can protect themselves from such attacks by following simple rules of online interaction.

The threats related to Facebook – and the Web in general – are constantly evolving, so it’s better to stay informed about it. Always remember that the information we share about ourselves can be accessed by almost anyone with an internet connection. At the beginning, it is worth following Facebook’s advice and not accepting people you don’t know as your friends.