11 of the coolest big data uses


Currently, so many people around the world are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Big Data and the great potential of this technology that we, too, could not be indifferent to this topic. I decided to take a closer look at various projects from around the world and created a mixture of serious, funny and sometimes even surprising cases of using Big Data technology for various purposes. I invite you to read!

So Big Data helps us …

  1. Find what exactly we are looking for on the internet.

Perhaps you never thought that Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines were using Big Data to display responses to your search queries.

Search engines need to deal with trillions of objects on the web and analyze the behavior of billions of people to understand what exactly they’re looking for. It is natural that these technological giants are pioneers in data analysis in many areas and thus design newer and newer services related to this technology.

  1. Cross the city without traffic jams.

As Yandex improved its data analysis skills, it decided to look at its data from a different perspective. This is how Yandex.Traffic was created . The technique analyzes information from various sources and shows road conditions in real time. In Poland, the equivalent of this website is eg Mapa Targeo .

It is a great solution for large cities where daily traffic jams are a real bane. Have you ever been to Moscow? Heartfelt advice: if you ever plan, be sure to make friends with Yandex.Traffic, because it helps millions of drivers moving around Moscow at any time.

  1. Saving rare species of animals – tracking poachers.

Poachers hunt endangered Indian tigers to make drugs from their bones, which are immensely popular with superstitious Chinese people. They know every nook and cranny where tigers are; it would be hard to track them without… Big Data.

  1. To make our cities greener .

At one point, the city ​​of New York had a serious problem – old trees that fell on the heads of residents. Now Big Data tells them how to maintain the „city forest”.

  1. Understand why Indian cuisine is so special.

Scientists have delved into hundreds of recipes and it turned out that the idea of ​​properly combining food products works in almost every cuisine in the world – except Indian.

  1. Fight the malaria epidemic in Africa.

A huge project sponsored by Google that uses Big Data technology to solve a global health problem. Many Africans have cell phones even in remote locations, so they can send information about the medications they are taking so scientists can track the spread and treatment of the disease.

  1. Grow the perfect Christmas tree.

Scientists will combine genetic, physical and environmental data from over 15 of the largest plant databases to create tools for planting and growing the perfect Christmas trees.

  1. Understand that our tongues are filled with happiness

As it turns out, languages ​​from all over the world contain more positive words than negative ones , and thus – have a positive mood.

  1. Make sports coverage even more interesting.

Elite sports coaches use Big Data to develop strategies, training and nutrition programs . Moreover, they can also use cheering and interaction with fans to make the team perform better on the pitch.

  1. Improve working conditions.

Bosses know everything. Or at least, they should know that the employee is planning to quit the company . That is why Big Data will inform them about it and help to improve working conditions in order to keep their employees.

  1. Diagnose your relationship.

A last, but no less interesting, case that was recently mentioned in the media. Data analytics can be used to solve both global problems and more intimate ones. Be sure to read the story of the online dating analyst who has decided to investigate her own relationship using statistics .

Did you know that about 90% of stored data is unnecessary ballast? Unordered data (Dark Data) is all information that may seem useless at first glance and takes up a lot of memory space. However, you actually use them on a daily basis. And this is good news as this fact shows the enormous potential of data mining and analysis. Dark Data is waiting for ingenious heads to use them. So if you are wondering what school to send your child to, think about it.

Serious, fun and unusual use of Big Data


That’s all for today. In the next post, I will describe other interesting projects related to Big Data – I will mention how they help save lives and catch criminals.