3 golden rules for the safe use of app stores


App stores offer a wide variety of games and tools, but are unfortunately also rich in various pitfalls. For example, there may be fraudulent applications that trick the user into costs, or malicious programs. This is especially true for Android devices .

No matter what operating system you have – read our three golden rules and you will be able to safely use such stores.

1.  Take a look at the app . Use commonly available knowledge and try to assess the credibility of the application. Stay away from applications from companies that are new to the market, as well as those that are not yet rated or have a negative opinion. Also, avoid programs that have not been downloaded yet. Apps that have been on the market for some time and have had high ratings are reliable. However, those that do not stand out positively – better to avoid. By following this principle, you will avoid malicious, shady, and potentially thieving apps.

2.  Keep your finger on the pulse. Set a password or use biometric security with every purchase. In their app stores, Apple and Android offer password-protected purchases as well as in-app purchases . Both systems offer security – they can be built-in or exist in the form of an application. Thanks to them, users can avoid accidental installation and undesirable purchases by their children, especially those via installed games.

3.  Reduce the number of applications . Limiting the number of applications on a device is very important for several reasons. First, the more you have, the slower your smartphone runs. Second, the more you have, the less you use them. Third, applications respect the privacy of device owners differently and often pass data and analysis to their developers. As a result, most users' personal data ends up in large companies, spam advertisers, potential attackers and, of course, scammers. By limiting the number of applications on mobile devices – you limit the risk in any form.

4.  Extra advice for Android users . As this platform is heavily overrun with malicious applications, its users should exercise increased vigilance. Check app permissions and avoid those that apparently retrieve more information than they need to. Use mobile antivirus.