A handful of simple cybersecurity rules for users of all ages


Parents are increasingly concerned about what their children are doing online. They know that different types use it and that viruses can be found in it. They are afraid of their child being too naive and silly, and of potential abuse. Of course, they overdo it sometimes, but that’s the way it is.

Do your mom or dad want to know about everything that is happening in your virtual and real life? Don’t be irritated, that’s just the way it is. If you want more freedom, act like an adult – show your parents that you can make informed decisions.

You too will benefit from it – for example, you can keep your gaming and social accounts secure. Remember that cyber criminals would like to take over your Facebook account, infected your smartphone with a virus or stole your game account.

Six simple cybersecurity rules for everyone

These criminals do not care who they steal from – from you or from your uncle Henio – although you probably have more money in the game than he does. Therefore, you need to know how to protect your PC from Trojans and viruses . Some of them are designed to spy on you and gather your passwords and other valuable data.

Speaking of passwords – they are the weakest link of most home users. People tend to choose non-difficult strings like 12345 or qwerty, store them in .doc files and hard drives, and share them with friends in internet chats… Do I have to add that this behavior on the internet is not the best idea ?

Do you inform strangers on the street what you ate for breakfast or where your friends live? Probably not. You should behave the same on the internet. If you do not change your privacy settings on social networks, someone may carefully study your account and easily mix up the facts. Therefore, you’d better keep your secrets to yourself.

Cyber ​​criminals know how to earn money by hacking your smartphone. They’re actually very good at it. They steal from your account by making paid calls or signing you up for SMS services that you don’t need – there are many more ways to earn easy money. For this reason, your phone needs to be protected  just like your PC.

Cyberbullying is another scourge on the internet. People are cruel and teenagers can be terrible. While searching for justice, you can get stuck in an endless virtual fight that brings nothing but harm with it. Don’t waste your time and / or energy on such people – you’d better focus on what really matters to you. When you have a problem that you can’t control, follow these simple rules .

And remember that people can lie perfectly. Anonymity on the Internet helps to reveal the true nature of man. Don’t believe everything your friends put on their pages. Even if their lives look perfect, at least at first glance – it is quite possible that it is not. We all have prejudices, we make mistakes, and then we smile broadly and life goes on. Sometimes we live in the moment. So remember that not everything on the internet is what it seems .

Now that you’ve read our online safety guide, you can go conquer the virtual world. We wish you calm water and favorable wind! And when you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can always tell your parents about it or ask us for help in a comment.