Become self-employed as a carpenter


The majority of craft businesses in Germany cannot complain about a lack of orders at the moment, and a lot of money can be made in this area at the moment. Thanks to the good economic situation, many people in this country buy and build houses or have them extensively renovated. The carpentry industry is also currently benefiting from the good earnings situation. Anyone planning to start their own business in this area has good prospects of getting their first orders quickly and can hope for promising future prospects. However, there are a few basic requirements to be met in order to be self-employed.

Business start-up: the compulsory mastery

For those who like to work with craftsmanship and have a good relationship with wood , the carpentry profession is exactly the right thing for them. If you want to set up your own company, you must first complete the appropriate vocational training and then acquire the master’s degree. This is the prerequisite for obtaining an operating license from the Chamber of Crafts and to be entered in the craft register. Alternatively, in order to meet this criterion and if your own title is not available, a master can also be employed.

Further basic conditions to get started as a self-employed carpenter

However, it is not enough with training and master’s title alone. If you want to start your own business in this profession , you definitely need a larger amount of start-up capital . At best this is available, but alternatively it can also be with a good business plan borrowed in the pocket from a bank. This start-up capital is required for the acquisition of various tools, machines, at least one vehicle and a large amount of wood material for the initial equipment. It is also clear that as a single carpenter you can hardly survive on your own, as a lot of the work can only be done in a team. So if you start your own business, you should either team up with at least one partner or start with at least one employee . For this one or for several employees, there should also be some start-up capital available so that the first salaries can be paid, even if no jobs have been completed and paid.

The company registration

When the decision has been made to start as a freelance carpenter, the first step leads to the responsible Chamber of Crafts . If all the basic requirements are met, this issues the so-called craft card and initiates an entry in the craft register a little later. With the craft card it goes to the trade office , where the actual company registration takes place. The third institution to register with is the tax office . For this, a questionnaire must be filled out, in which, above all, it must be stated what sales and profits you are planning as a new entrepreneur in the coming years.

Self-marketing and customer acquisition

Nowadays it is good form as a company to present itself on the Internet with its own homepage . This should be attractively designed, have no spelling mistakes and also be keyword-optimized. For example, anyone setting up a carpentry shop in Marburg should try to get the highest possible Google ranking by choosing the right keywords if interested parties enter the word combination Zimmerer and Marburg in the search engine. If you are not familiar with this, you will find experts on the Internet who can take on such work even for a smaller budget. In addition, it can make sense to place an advertisement in the Yellow Pages – both online and in the printed book. Last but not least, there is the possibility in the local pressto draw attention to yourself with your own advertising. Daily or weekly newspapers often also publish special issues on the subject of building and living, which are very suitable for advertising purposes because they offer exactly the right environment and appeal to an interested target group . Private builders and homeowners as well as companies come as potential customersand foundations in question. Once the first orders have been completed successfully and, above all, to the satisfaction of the customers, many new orders result from word-of-mouth advertising. As a rule, once a craft business is established, it is the most important source for reaching new customers. A final tip in addition is to join together with craftsmen from other trades in a network, because these often act as general contractors and receive orders from customers to bring in other companies and craft services.

The cost calculation

An hour of carpentry costs a customer in Germany on average between 50 and 120 euros net, although there are large regional differences . The costs for the material are calculated separately, with customer surcharges for the procurement effort. These sums sound high at first, but on the other hand there are also a number of costs. The self-employed must take out health insurance, pay sales, income and possibly trade tax , the salaries of their employees and pay social benefits – even in times when there is perhaps a lull in orders. He may have to pay rent for a workshop or warehouse and, last but not least, maintain company vehicles and machinery. In addition, additional working time has to be calculated, for example for the organization of the warehouse, maintenance work on the equipment and the accounting. If you struggle with the last point mentioned, you can outsource this activity to a tax advisor, which is of course another cost factor.

Advantages of self-employment

Anyone who works as a self-employed carpenter for a few years can earn significantly more money than as an employee and is also independent of a boss. In addition, there is the opportunity as an entrepreneur to specialize in a field that may be particularly suited to you. For example, the focus can be placed on the renovation of old half-timbered houses or complete houses made of wood.