Bushel of wheat – how many kilograms


The price of wheat is stated in US dollars per bushel of wheat. One bushel of wheat is exactly 27.216 kilograms [kg].

Bushel of wheat

Bushel  [bu] (  bushel ) – Anglo-Saxon unit of volume used most often for loose materials.

1 bushel of wheat [bu] = 8 gallons [gal] = 27.22 kilograms [kg]

A bushel is a unit used on a commodity exchange when trading grain (e.g. wheat). For the sake of simplicity, the volume of certain cereals is converted into mass units.

It is assumed that:  1 bushel of wheat [bu] = 60 pounds of weight [lb] = 27.22 [kg]

General rule

Among the largest consumers of wheat are the European Union countries, China, India and Russia.