Calorie table for bread, cakes & pastries


Here you will find overviews of the calorie content of bread, rolls, cakes, tarts, biscuits and other pastries. This calorie chart lists a variety of flour-based baked goods, including loaves of bread, flatbreads such as pita and naan, small rolls and other pastries. Many types of basic breads have similar nutritional values because the dough is a similar mixture of wheat flour and eggs, but the exact ratios may vary. The ingredients, especially the yeast, also affect the density of the bread. So you can have the same size piece of bagel and focaccia, but the former has more calories. Sandwich breads and buns can also have seeds and whole grains added, which increases the calories but also the nutrient density. Pastries such as croissants, scones and cake pastry also contain a lot of butter or oil, which contributes fat and therefore more calories per serving. They are regularly garnished or filled with nuts, fruit, chocolate and icing, all of which add significant calories and often sugar. Check the nutritional information of baked goods for added sugars, especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

Bread, rolls (1 portion or 1 piece)

foodGramkcalkjg of fat
Bread roll50 g1275311
croissant60 g282118021st
Graham bread (wheat meal)50 g1104600
Crispbread (rustic)15 g451880
Crispbread (light crispy)5 g22nd920
crispbread10 g321340
pumpernickel40 g823430
Rye bread50 g1144770
Mixed rye bread50 g1104601
Whole grain rye bread50 g1024271
White bread40 g953970
Mixed wheat bread50 g1205021
Wheat toast40 g1064442

Cake (1 portion or 1 piece)

foodGramkcalkjg of fat
American100 g31713268th
Apple pie made from yeast dough100 g1405863
Apple cake made from batter100 g2179089
Apple pie, covered140 g351146913
Apple strudel120 g2389966th
Baumkuchen70 g30012554th
Berliner (pancake)60 g2008377th
Bee sting / yeast, filled75 g276115514th
Swiss roll with strawberries / cream60 g1315487th
butter cream tart120 g361151018th
butter cake60 g22292911
Christmas stollen65 g251105012
English crumpets50 g1676996th
Bread with fruits50 g1536404th
Yeast Streusel Cake70 g264110510
Yeast braid (with butter)70 g2219256th
honey cake70 g25310597th
Cheesecake100 g343143515th
Linz cake65 g363110013
marble cake70 g284118815th
Poppy seed roll made from yeast dough100 g392164019th
Cup cake70 g275115113
Nut cream cake130 g474198332
Nut cake60 g286119715th
Fruit cake made from yeast dough100 g1877823
Fruit cake made from batter100 g2128879
Fruit cake (sponge cake base)100 g994141
Quark strudel100 g261109213
Sponge cake70 g255106712
Sachertorte100 g243101712
Biscuit cake70 g308128917th
Black Forest cake140 g368154019th
Pig’s ears50 g23598315th
Spray cake70 g1697075
Crumble cake with fruit100 g307128415th
waffles100 g417174519th
Cream puffs with cream100 g326136423
Plum cake / shortcrust pastry100 g2189129

Cookies and pastries (1 serving or 1 piece)

foodGramkcalkjg of fat
Leaf biscuit (pretzels)525th105 
Butter leaves4th20th84 
Shortbread (whole grain)7th30th126 
Shortbread / chocolate14th71297 
Mikado (3 pieces)7th57238 
Muesli biscuits made from whole grain dough521st88 
Nuremberg gingerbread35130544 
Prince role23120502 
Russian bread28th33 
Black and white cookies522nd92 
Shortcrust biscuits521st88 
Waffles with cream filling528117
Wafer rolls with chocolate7th37155 
Colorful gingerbread (3 pieces)20th78326 
Nut pastry stars1048201 
Christmas cookies51667 
Cinnamon stars6th30th126