Computer worm


Computer worms are threats that can self-replicate and slow down your computer drastically. Don’t fall victim to malware!

What is a computer worm

Worms are programs that replicate themselves and spread via a computer network.

Where do computer worms come from

Common ways of transmitting worms include attachments, file-sharing networks, and links to malicious sites.

How to recognize a computer worm

Since worms consume large amounts of computer memory or put a strain on the bandwidth of networks, servers, network servers, and individual computers, they often make devices unresponsive to commands.

How to get rid of a computer worm

To remove the worm, simply run a malware scan with your antivirus software. Once the worm is detected and removed, your computer should become completely safe to use.

How to prevent computer worms

  • Be careful when using file-sharing networks and with suspicious attachments and / or links.
  • Keep your current antivirus protection up to date and ideally have a firewall.

Protect yourself from computer worms

There is no better way to identify, remove, and prevent computer worms than using an antivirus and worm remover.