Content Marketing – definition


So what is this Content Marketing?

1) Why should I be interested in this?

From the advertiser’s side. The main question you can ask yourself when looking for a definition of content marketing is „why should I be interested in this at all?” First of all, if you use internet marketing in any way in your business or work, it is only a matter of time before you see a decrease in the effectiveness of the promotional forms you use in your own backyard. In the case of your own business, it will have a severe impact on your revenues, and in the case of working as a marketer, the effect will be drops in KPIs related to website traffic.

From the users' side. According to the OMG Metrics research, Internet users rate their irritation with advertisements on a 10-point scale. It seems to me that the patient people or the add-blocker community were tested anyway :). Banners escaping from the click, which we chase on the screen of our monitor, advertisements inserted as content interludes, its replacement and supplements make us treat them like air. This is the most compelling reason why you should get interested in content marketing.

2) Content Marketing

Let’s move on to the definition that is my point of view on this subject. Content Marketing is the creation of valuable content that meets the needs of our recipients. It is not only about content production (which is associated with SEO, for example), but about understanding and listening to our client.

The three elements that content marketing should meet are: the distribution of valuable, intriguing content, thus gaining interest and engaging in the audience community, which translates into measurable benefits. The Content Marketing strategy can be based on all communication channels and accompany you at every stage of the purchase process. Remembering that our goal is useful and necessary information, we are only limited by our imagination. If we run an online store selling physical products, adding content materials takes our CM into print. If we run a website or a newsletter, we educate through e-marketing activities. It is even different in the case of social media, where we are dealing with a kind of real time marketing.

The above methods are just examples that we will expand with case studies in the near future. I really like the comparison he makes in „Epic Content Marketing –  Joe Pulizzi „. He says that content marketing that engages the recipient is a way for the reader to find out for himself that our service or product is what he or she needs.

3) Content Marketing, we create a medium

We put the three elements together. We know why it is worth taking an interest in CM, we know what it is, now the question is what it implies.

I understand Content Marketing as having media as opposed to renting it out .

Of course, this term has a certain level of generality and refutes the myth that CM is something that is just born, because the media that creates content has existed for a very long time. Traditional e-marketing activities are based on renting advertising space or space for media content. In my opinion, CM offers an opportunity in which cooperation with the media goes to a completely different level, where, by building a marketing portfolio, we redirect traffic from the media to our content. The topic is quite extensive, it gives many possibilities and we will definitely come back to it many times :). Finally, a comparison that in my opinion is a thematic hit.