Facebook email address. How to change it and hide it?


Facebook has been with us for quite a long time and most often we only use one account, which we set up many years ago with an e-mail address that may be out of date or very rarely used for some time. It is also possible that we have discovered a completely different e-mail that better meets our needs, or that we want to build a more professional image and the e-mail address should reflect this.

In such situations, it would be good to change the email address also on Facebook , especially since it is also our login to this portal, to avoid embarrassment related to the old, youthful address, or simply to use one for convenience.

What to do in that case? Facebook has so many different options that handling its settings is not always intuitive. So here’s a guide to help.

To change the email address on your Facebook account:

  1. Find the icon of an isosceles triangle pointing downward in the upper right corner of the page, and then click this option.
  2. A list will then unfold from which you should select the Settings option .
  3. A page with settings will then open, then you should click on the bar which is titled with the word Contact  and contains the current e-mail address.
  4. After clicking, the tab will expand and then you should select Add another e-mail address / phone number .
  5. Then a window will appear where there will be a place to enter a new e-mail address, enter our new address there and select the Add option .
  6. Then we will be informed that an e-mail will be sent to the address provided to check if it is correct and belongs to us.
  7. Therefore, we open the e-mail box and confirm that we made this change, then return to the Facebook page, select the Confirm option  and in the window that appears, enter the code that we received in the e-mail and confirm it by clicking  Ok .
  8. Then a confirmation window will appear with the confirmation of the successful adding of the address, we can safely close it by returning to the expanded tab where we can select our main e-mail address.
  9. We set our new address as the main one by clicking on the circle on its left side.
  10. Then we can delete our second, redundant e-mail address by clicking the Delete option  to the right of it.
  11. At the end, we choose the Save changes option .
  12. Then a window will appear in which, for confirmation and for security reasons, we must enter our password to the Facebook account and then select the option Submit.

In this simple way we can change the email address on our Facebook account .

But what if we want to hide our email from people with whom we do not want to share this information?

Of course, we have this option, it is one of the privacy settings on Facebook. For example, there is an option to display your email address in your profile, but set it to the Friends privacy setting so that it is only available on your profile page and elsewhere on Facebook for your friends. 

How to change Facebook email privacy settings?

    1. We start by entering our profile by clicking on our name and surname in the upper left corner of the page.
    2. Then select Information  at the top of the profile.
    3. A page with settings will open, where you should select Contact details and basic information in the menu on the left  .
    4. Then we move to the bar with our email address and choose the Edit option , which will appear on the right side of the address.
    5. Then click on the recipient selection icon next to the e-mail address to change the group of recipients and choose the setting that suits us. Right next to it we also have a circle icon, after clicking which we can choose whether we want our email address to be displayed on the timeline.
  1. When we choose the appropriate options, click Save changes .

This way we can hide our Facebook email address .