Facebook is changing its look – how to change the look of Facebook?


Colorful Facebook? It is possible!

We are all used to the highly recognizable Facebook colors. White and blue are the flagship shades that reign on this social networking site. However, since so many years have passed and the appearance of Facebook has already been applied to us, maybe it is worth considering  how to change the appearance of Facebook .

How to change the look of Facebook

Contrary to appearances, it is not at all difficult.

Just go to UserStyles.org . It is the largest style manager in which you can change the appearance of websites in the currently used web browser without having to change their content. This is done by attaching user-supplied CSS style sheets to the sheets provided by the website itself. Firefox can be used to handle the contained scripts – with the Stylish extension or the Chrome browser .

The entire process of  changing the look of Facebook  is automated and it takes just a few clicks to enjoy the new look of the application. The matter of choice is an individual thing, but the style manager proposes a wide range of solutions and it is impossible for the user to find something for himself.

Changing the look of Facebook – what are the possibilities

The possibilities are really huge. You can choose from a whole range of colors and themes using current trends, for example film, computer, etc. Skins that look good on a computer are:

    • Dark & ​​Gray – this is a theme that is definitely more dedicated to fans of darker colors. The theme uses shades of black and gray, with the use of this skin the control panel changes slightly, but it is a very unnoticeable and acceptable change,
    • Black & White – contrary to what the name suggests, the theme still retains the main Facebook colors, i.e. white and blue. This layout basically changes only the background, which is as if under the portal – to black with irregular white stripes. The theme is very modern and glamorous,
  • Annonymus – the layout uses the theme of internet activists. The colors are mainly based on black and white, there are also Guy Fawkes masks, which are undoubtedly associated with activists of this social group,
  • XBOX – the theme uses elements that are associated with a game console. Layout, however, will appeal not only to game fans, because it uses vivid colors, is transparent and legible.

Previous changes to the appearance of Facebook

So far, Facebook has not changed much since we first saw the page. The creators did not propose virtually any new and alternative solutions. Yes, the look is a bit more modern than it started out, the shapes are more streamlined and the overall nature of the portal is not as clunky as it used to be.

Nevertheless, no significant  changes to the appearance of Facebook  have been introduced so far. For some time, however, rumors have been circulating that the site is to have a new, dark interface . The advantage of the new theme will be the ability to comfortably use Facebook also after dark. However, it is not known on a specific date when the mentioned theme would be permanently and permanently introduced for all users. Certainly, the preparation and work stage has already started. However, considering how extensive the website is – this process may take a very long time.