How can we delete a Facebook group?


Social networks are to help us maintain relationships with a large group of people without the need for physical contact with them. This is also the purpose of setting up a group on Facebook – it is to unite people with similar interests, passions or professional or earning goals. The group on FB is to help us, if we are working on one project, we need to return to previous conversations or send links to each other.

Setting up a Facebook group is easy and anyone can do it. However, when we finish work on a project, look for other interests or simply want to withdraw from the functioning of a given community, the group is no longer needed. However, not everyone knows that we can also delete a group on FB . Let’s see how we can do it step by step.

Removing a group from Facebook

  • Click on the News tab   and select the Groups option  .
  • We select the group that interests us and then click on the Members tab   (it is on the left).
  • After selecting a group member, select the three dots symbol next to the first name, then the ” remove from group ” option and confirm your choice.
  • If we have removed all members of the group, select (as administrator) the option ” leave group ” and ” leave and remove „.


In addition, if we are not the group administrator and it has been removed, unfortunately we will not be notified about it. Only the administrator who is the group founder can delete it. If we remove all members of the group and then leave it, it will be removed on its own. Thanks to this, Facebook’s resources are not cluttered and it works smoothly all the time. This solution is to prevent situations when all members abandon the group, but no one has thought about removing it.

Archiving a group on Facebook

Facebook also offers group archiving. Basically, an action is different from deletion in that we can undo it. Administrators can delete posts, materials and photos from it, accept new members and block them. The group will still be visible in the Facebook search engine if we are its member, founder or administrator. It cannot be accessed by outsiders. Contrary to deletion, archiving of a group can be done by any administrator, even if it is not the founder. If we unarchive a group, it will be visible again in Facebook search results.

Remember to think carefully about your decision before we delete a Facebook group. If we change our mind later, it will be too late, unfortunately. If we are not sure whether we will later need the materials or contacts collected in the group, temporary archiving may be a better solution. For people who need a visual presentation of the issue, the good news is that on Youtube we can easily find many videos that clearly and legibly present all aspects of the problem.