How to create a group on Facebook – a group on FB in a few steps!


What is a Facebook group for?

A Facebook group works well as a way to promote and expand your community on the Internet . It can become popular due to useful knowledge shared by its users or the atmosphere in a given group. Before starting a group on Facebook, the most important thing is a specific idea.

A Facebook group is a group of people, a community around a topic or idea. Before you go about setting up a group, think about what audience you want to reach and what the group can offer them. Don’t forget that you must get some benefits too.

How to set up a Facebook group step by step?

Step one – open the group creation window.

To create a new group, go to the ” groups ” tab on Facebook . It is located on the bottom bar on the left side of the screen. Then click on the ” Create group ” box.

Step two – choose a name for the group.

A good name for a group on Fb should be simple and easy to remember. It is good when the name of the group was naturally associated with its subject.

Step three – set the privacy scope of the group.

Decide if your group is to be a public, closed or secret group.

Step four – invite some friends.

From your friends on Facebook, select those who may potentially be interested in the topic of the new group. Friends can be added by entering their name and surname or email addresses on FB .

Step Five – Click on the ” Create ” button .

After clicking the ” Create ” button, your group already exists, but for it to function properly, it must be personalized.

How should I personalize my Facebook group?

Your Facebook group already exists. Now it’s time for the most important task, namely adding individual character to the group. This should be done carefully to attract new users. As you can see, setting up a Facebook group is very simple. However, in order for the group to function well and attract new people, several important elements should be taken care of, such as:

  • group description;
  • photo in the header of the so-called cover photo;
  • group rules;
  • splash post.

Add a group description on FB

Keep the description short and to the point, users are reluctant to read long descriptions. Therefore, in a few sentences, describe the subject of the group, for whom it was created and what are its goals.


Cover photo

Create an interesting photo or graphic for the FB group . The added graphics should clearly convey the main theme of the group. For a better effect, you can use the right colors, symbols, short words or abbreviations that match the character of the group, you can also take advantage of free stock photos with photos.

Prepare clear rules and regulations for the group

Not everyone is aware of the importance of group regulations. This is all the more important the larger the group. A large number of people in the group very often lead to chaos. The only way to prevent unwanted behavior is to create clear rules for group members. Ready regulations can be placed at the top, in the post, or in the form of a separate document.

What information is most often included in the regulations of Facebook groups?

  • The regulations describe:
  • for whom the group is created,
  • what is her goal
  • what users are not allowed to do,
  • what entries are not accepted, e.g. spam, vulgar statements, insulting other group participants, etc.

The regulations also define what may cause a given user to be removed from the group. When creating the rules of your own group, it is worth reading the rules of other groups with a similar profile.

Write a welcome post.

A welcome post is a short message for each new member of your FB group. It should contain a greeting, information about who is the group’s administrator, a summary of the rules that apply to the group, a few words encouraging to promote the group among other Internet users and information about what is happening in the group.