How to hide Facebook birthday – how to block FB wishes


Many people wonder  how to hide birthdays on FB so that no other person knows when exactly the user’s birthday falls. It is not a complicated operation, just a few mouse clicks and the whole process will be carried out correctly and without errors. Everything changes in your privacy settings.

  • Your private timeline should appear on the screen. Thanks to this, you will be able to learn  how to turn off birthday on FB .
  • Select the ” update information ” option and then select some basic information about yourself.
  • Then there is pressing the field ” edit ” and ” do not show my birthday on the timeline „.
  • You can also withdraw your birthday from your profile in other ways, by setting it exclusively for yourself, and selecting ” only me ” in the privacy settings .
  • The selected settings should be absolutely saved to make sure that they will apply the next time you enter the social network.

As you can see Facebook birthday  can be blocked in a very short time. You just need to know how to go about it. If someone wants to know  how to block FB wishlisting because they do not wish to do so, follow the above tips.

How do I turn off Facebook birthday notifications? Step by step instruction

Some people wonder  how to turn off Facebook birthday notifications so that other people cannot wish people on their timeline. It is possible to do this, just follow a few simple steps.

You can turn off notifications not only on your computer, but also in the application you use on your mobile phone. Not everyone knows  how to turn off birthday notifications on FB , so it is worth acquiring such knowledge and then proceeding.

Not knowing  how to block FB wishlisting , you need to go to your profile and remove the birthday from your profile, changing the privacy settings from public or friends, for yourself, or simply delete such information completely from your timeline (from private information) .

Usually, older people do not know  how to hide their birthday on FB, however, it is enough to enter the basic information about the user account, and then enter the contact details. The mouse cursor should be directed to your date of birth, and then press the field ” edit „.

Thanks to this, interested parties can decide for themselves who they will share such information with and who will have access to it.

If the settings change to private (” only me „) then no one will know that the owner of the social account has a birthday on that day.


How to hide birthday greetings on FB? Taking care of your own privacy

If someone still does not know  how to hide birthday greetings on FB , they should read the above instructions again and follow all the steps described in it. Thanks to this, you can quickly and correctly learn  how to block adding wishes on FB in order to:

  • take care of your own privacy,
  • do not clutter your own Facebook wall.

It is worth choosing such a step, because thanks to this you can take care of your most important personal data. Of course, you can only share them with your Facebook friends.