How to log out of Facebook? automatic logout of Facebook from other devices

The desire to  log out of Facebook  comes up extremely often. Sometimes we log in on our own or someone else’s device and after checking the most urgent matters, we simply log out. Sometimes there are also situations when we have the impression that someone could log in to Facebook with our login data, and thus could, for example, view all our intimate conversations.

Each of us has been in a situation at least once when we were unsure whether an account had been hacked by a third party. In such a situation, it is best to log out of all devices and check the login locations, thanks to which we will be absolutely sure that our profile, and thus, for example, messages exchanged with friends on Messenger , have not fallen into the wrong hands. Find out how to log out of Facebook safely and without complications .

Logging out of Facebook on your own or someone else’s device

Logging out of Facebook  is child’s play and does not require any complicated actions on the part of the user. It does not matter if you want to log out from your own device or from a friend’s device or a device available, for example, at work.

How to do it?

  1. Just click on the arrow in the upper right corner and select „Log out” from the drop-down list.

The situation is very similar on a mobile device.

  1. In the Facebook application, you need to click on the so-called „hamburger”, which is also in the upper right corner.
  2. At the very bottom, under all the possibilities offered by the application, there is an option „Log out”.

Facebook – log out from other devices

If you have a suspicion that an unauthorized person could log into your account with your access data – this method is perfect for your needs. It is also a helpful option for people who, for example, have not logged out of the device to which they will no longer have access .

In order not to leave your data in the wrong hands – you can also successfully use this opportunity:

    1. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select: „Settings” from the drop-down list.
    2. From the available options on the left, select: „Security and logging”, there you will find a field for login data.
    3. Select „Change Password”.
    4. The portal will ask you for your current password.
    5. This is a protection against people who, for example, having access to your account for a while, not knowing your password, could change your access data, which would later have a considerable problem with recovering the account.
  1. When you enter the current password and the new password, which you will additionally confirm – save the changes.
  2. Then Facebook will display a message that if you are concerned that someone else might have access to your profile, you can log out of other devices and check recent changes to your account so that you can check if you are the author.

If you want to check it, select: „Check other devices”, if not: „Keep me logged in”. If you are checking devices – Facebook will display all login places – if any of you bother you select the option on the right side: „Log out of all sessions” . Remember that you will also be logged out of places known and accepted to you, such as your phone or another computer. The question of logging out of Facebook in the case of the mobile application is exactly the same.

Don’t see the sign out option?

Can’t log out of Facebook and don’t see the logout option at all?  The reasons for such a situation may be temporary problems with your browser related to the cache or difficulties with data processing. If such a situation happened to you – clear the cache of the web browser and temporary data. The trouble should be averted.