How to monitor the internet connection? Guide

How to monitor the internet connection? This knowledge will be useful not only when we want to know what the speed of our connection is. It’s good to know what we can do when we feel that something is slowing down the download and upload of files.

Monitoring internet connection can be useful when we want to check what is blocking the smooth operation of a computer or smartphone connected to the network, downloading application or system updates, or we simply want to know at what speed data is downloaded and sent via our device. Below we explain how to monitor your internet connection .

New versions of operating systems – both PCs and mobile devices, now pay a lot of attention to monitoring the connection to the network. Without access to unlimited data transfer, the function of limiting it can be worth its weight in gold.

Additionally, in order to ensure the security of our data, monitoring the internet connection may detect undesirable operation of some applications or processes running on our device. Fortunately, there are many professional solutions on the market – both paid and free, that will help us manage incoming and outgoing traffic to the network.

How to monitor Internet connection on Windows

The easiest way to check the Internet connection status on computers running Windows 10 is to launch the Task Manager.

In order to check the use of the Internet connection in the Task Manager:

  • Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc;
  • go to the „Performance” tab;
  • depending on whether we are connected with an Ethernet connector or connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network, select the appropriate line that will display the status of the current Internet connection.

In addition to information about the current speeds of downloading and uploading data, we will find here basic information about our network, such as the name of the DNS server to which we are connected, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses , and in some cases the name and model of the network card used.

We can also use third-party applications to control and monitor the network on computers with Windows. Some free solutions have a number of advanced features that will allow us to better control incoming and outgoing traffic from our computer from the Internet.

For example, the NetLimiter application , in addition to the standard functions that allow you to observe traffic on network usage graphs, or display a list of applications currently using network traffic, allows you to remotely control and monitor other computers.

In turn, with the help of the free GlassWire application, we will be able to analyze all Windows processes actively using Internet access, as well as block selected and suspicious applications from connecting to the network.

Internet connection monitoring on Android smartphones

The network connection monitoring tool built into the Android system may differ depending on the system overlay prepared by a given hardware manufacturer.

To go to the Internet connection settings panel on Android smartphones:

  • Launch the „Settings” application;
  • go to the „Network and Internet” tab;
  • now, depending on the manufacturer’s overlay, we should have a choice of various functions related to managing the Internet connection.

These can be, for example, limiting the transfer speed, enabling the preview of the speed of incoming and outgoing transfer, enabling the limitation of data transfer in a given period, as well as listing the list of applications and the amount of data downloaded by them.

Internet connection monitoring on iPhone

Thanks to the service monitoring network resources built into the iOS system, we can easily find information about the use of the Internet connection by applications running on the iPhone .

In the case of iPhones, we can check the network status by following these steps:

  • Go to „Settings” and then the function called „Cellular”.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will find a list called „Mobile Network Data” which lists all the applications that have used the data transfer. Thanks to this, we will find out which of them used the greatest amount of data in a given period.
  • At the very bottom of the list you will also find the „Wi-Fi Assist” function, which will allow you to automatically use cellular data when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, and also „Reset statistics”, which will allow you to reset the statistics for the current period.