How to wisely choose a blogger to cooperate with?


Many bloggers are characterized by the fact that they sometimes have „their world – their crayons” and it will be of no use to make some interesting advertising campaign with his participation. On the other hand, one should prepare well for such cooperation, and therefore create some outline of cooperation, define activities and goals to be achieved. You can read about how to choose a blogger wisely for such cooperation in this article.

Many customers who contact me have constant doubts – does a blogger sell at all, how to choose a blogger for cooperation? 

I am not surprised that many online store owners have doubts and difficulty in making decisions. Especially when he has failed in his cooperation with a blogger / blogger (with money or barter). Unfortunately, it is not difficult (the fault is on both sides). So how do you find out if a blogger is selling? And is our choice well thought out?

First of all, before starting cooperation with a blogger, let’s prepare for it. Let’s consider what data will be necessary for us to undertake the analysis. What do we want to gain by creating a campaign with a blogger? What bloggers are we interested in (youth, culinary, lifestyle, beauty, etc.)? And what statistical data will be necessary for us to make the final decision.

In order not to waste money and be satisfied with the cooperation, let’s get information such as:

The number of unique users (UU), number of pageviews and number of visits

The data (preferably from Google Analytics) should indicate a period of about 3 months. It is risky to follow the statistics, e.g. from one month. There is a risk that this is when the blogger ran a contest or other action that attracted a much larger number of readers to his site than normal. Of course, the blogger does not have to provide such data if he decides that he or she does not want to or cannot do it. Then the question remains – is it worth it?

Demographic data – age, gender and place of origin

This is important data about your blog’s audience. Thanks to this, you will find out whether this group is also your target, i.e. customers. If you’re acting locally, don’t be afraid to ask for the number of users from a specific city. Thanks to this, you will also be able to estimate how many people may be interested in the campaign. 

Language, communication, Social Media – how does a blogger communicate and where does it go online?

Before you decide on a specific blogger, find out about the communication channels in which he or she moves. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Google + … okay, let it go last 🙂 Each blogger is an individual with its own style, language, expression and image. Would you like to advertise a health food store on a blog where the blogger only eats fastfood? You would certainly choose someone who leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

Remember to ask the blogger about specific issues and what you care about. Any blogger who does not treat their blog as an advertising board, but treats it as a job, will respond easily and properly engage in cooperation with you.