How to write a message to Facebook?


Every user of the Facebook social networking site certainly had the desire to write to Facebook many times  There are many situations in which contact with administrators seems necessary. In that case,  how to write to Facebook?

Can I write to Facebook?

It turns out you can. In the event that someone violates your personal rights or, for example, shares materials that offend you in any way or violates your privacy – you have the option of  writing to Facebook. Imagine a situation where your friend shares photos and content that compromise you , and you can’t do anything about it. Imagine that someone on the site is bringing up content that spreads hate speech and is aimed at a certain social group, which is unacceptable to you, and you cannot do anything. Are you sure? How to protect yourself from it? You can then  write to Facebook. 

Writing to Facebook – how to do it?

If you already have a post in front of you that is not acceptable to you, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post or photo and select the option: ” Get support or report a post „.

You can report a post by selecting the following categories: Nudity, Violence, Harassment, Suicide or Self-Injury, False Information, Spam, Unauthorized Selling, Hate Propagation and Terrorism.

If none of the categories proposed by the portal correspond to the reason for which you are reporting abuse, you can select the field: Other reason. Facebook also sensitized that in the event that the report concerns a situation in which someone is in danger – you should absolutely contact the appropriate services and do not wait for Facebook’s reaction .

If you select the „Other reason” box, you can describe the reasons for your decision yourself. At this stage, you also have the option to choose a reason from the next group of categories: Intellectual Property, Fraud, Pretending to be a victim, Harassment, Child abuse, Animal abuse, Sexual activity, Suicide or self-harm, Promotion of hatred, Promotion of drug use, Publishing of intimate photos without consent, Sexual abuse, Harassment, Unauthorized sale, Violence, Sharing private photos.

When you choose the appropriate category or describe the problem yourself, just click „Send” and Facebook will immediately receive your message .

All you have to do is wait for Facebook to respond to your report. The answer will be signaled in the notifications – by the bell in the upper right corner.

How else to write to Facebook?

There are other ways to write to Facebook. The message will not reach the administrators of the portal, but it is always an opportunity to talk to someone who may be able to help us in various troublesome situations.

 Facebook FanPage is liked by over 214 million users. On the profile, we have the option of continuous commenting and sharing our opinions regarding, for example, the functionality of the portal. In addition, users also have the option of submitting feedback in two categories: Feature Feedback and Help Center Feedback. By going to  and clicking on the appropriate link – the portal takes us to another dialog window where we can  write our message to Facebook.