Painting walls and ceilings step by step


Painting the walls is not a difficult matter. You can do all the work yourself using a roller and a brush. All you need to do is learn the steps and the walls will be painted in the right way.

Here we omit such obvious issues as the choice of paint. We will only focus on technical issues.

1.Preparing the room for painting

The first thing you need to do is prepare the room for painting. Use self-adhesive painting tape to cover areas that cannot be soiled, such as window frames, door frames, skirting boards. A foil should be applied to the floor and all furniture in the room to protect them from getting dirty. When the room is secured in this way, there is nothing else to do but start painting.

2. Paint the ceiling

The first place that should be covered with paint is the ceiling. Start from the corners by the window. Then, move away from the light source and paint wide stripes. If you don’t have a tall ladder, use a telescope to which a roller can be attached.

Usually the color of the ceiling is also drawn over the trim around the walls. Once the paint is dry, you can stick the adhesive tape, which will mark the boundaries between the color of the ceiling and the color of the walls. The same procedure should be applied if different shades are to be used on two adjacent walls.

3. Paint the walls

After you’ve painted the ceiling and ready the trim, you can start painting the walls. The paint should first be applied to all corners using a round roller. The wall that should be chosen first is the one with the window. Then move further and further away from the light source. It is best to paint large surfaces with a roller. This reduces the likelihood of streaks appearing on the wall.

4. Remove the adhesive tapes

When the paint is slightly dry, you can peel off the painter’s tape from all surfaces. It is important not to wait too long as dried tape can cause chipping.

5. Clean the room and wash the painting tools

The last task you have to do is clean the room. Remove the foil used to protect the floor and furniture, wash the floor, and clean the painting tools, including the litter box, of any paint.