Positioning of business cards on Google Maps


Find out what this process is, how to do it and why you should promote your Google listing on maps!

The Google My Business card on Google Maps is one of the basic elements through which we can find ourselves on the Internet. Many people search for information about companies, services or products on Google maps, and this trend will constantly develop. To take advantage of such a situation, it is definitely worth creating and positioning business cards and appearing in the first places in search results on Google maps. In this text, we suggest what exactly is the positioning of a business card and how to carry out this process.

What is business card positioning?

Positioning the listing on Google Maps is a process that aims to raise the position of our listing in the search results ranking. Google Maps works in a similar way to an internet search engine. After asking a question and entering the password, Google selects the most relevant cards and displays a list of them. It is often several pages long. Positioning is adjusting the business card in such a way that it is correct, complete and useful, and Google places it in the first places in the search results on the map. Our company’s pin will then appear on the map first. We can position any business card and we can do it ourselves or outsource this task to seo agencies or specialists.

Removal of duplicates and NAP compliance

The first step to start positioning a business card on Google Maps is to remove duplicates. Google is committed to quality and it is unacceptable to have several business cards from one company with the same or changed data. Certainly, we will not position the business cards effectively. All NAP details such as company name, address and telephone number must also be identical across the internet. This compliance affects credibility and is an important SEO factor. The data about our company must therefore be the same on our website, business cards on the web, business catalogs and on the business card on maps.

Exactly complementing the business card

The second very important element of positioning a business card on Google Maps is its exact complement. Only complete business cards have a chance to be in the top positions in search results, and only such are promoted by Google. Therefore, all fields should be filled in with correct information. Particular attention should be paid to carefully selecting the category and creating a description. It is worth including the right keywords that match our industry. We should definitely name our business and the range of services we offer correctly. Adding a business card under false phrases will definitely be counterproductive. When a business card appears under wrong passwords, it will also translate into customer dissatisfaction and confusion. When filling out the business card and all its forms, do not forget about the Q&A section. This is a question and answer section. Apart from the fact that it is useful for users who can learn the necessary information quickly and comfortably, for Google it will be a sign of the quality of the business card.

High-quality materials

A very important element that should be taken care of when creating and positioning a business card is the addition of high-quality materials. Certainly, Google appreciates and promotes these business cards that have a lot of multimedia and are richly described. Therefore, you should definitely add many professional photos of our brand or the interior of our company to your business card. It will be both beneficial in terms of positioning and evaluation by potential customers. Therefore, it would be a good idea to order a professional photographer and add aesthetic photos. We should take this step right after creating the business card, because customers themselves can add photos of our plant or workplace, which, even despite the most sincere intentions, are usually of low quality, e.g. photos of meals in a restaurant. One of the greatest possibilities of positioning a business card is to create and add a virtual 360-degree walk to it. It is a walk around a given company or place in Google Street View technology. We can put it on the business card itself for free and we do not have to worry about hosting or its maintenance. The cost of such a walk by a photographer is about a few hundred zlotys for 100 m 2.

Opinions and ratings

An important factor that affects the positioning of a business card on Google Maps are ratings and reviews. Contrary to appearances, they do not work zero one and are not the only determinant of the quality of a business card. This means that Google doesn’t display business cards on maps in order of the ones with the best ratings. In this matter, even the comments themselves play a slightly greater role. Therefore, if we already have a properly optimized business card, it is also worth taking care of this element. We should ask our clients to rate and comment. If they will appear on our business card, it is also worth responding to them and establishing conversations. These are beneficial activities that introduce traffic to our business card. Purchased opinions or comments must never be added. In such a situation, there is a high probability of incorrect adding, e.g.

Add entries regularly

A kind of idea for positioning a business card on Google Maps, which will require some commitment from us, is adding entries regularly. There has been such a possibility on business cards for some time. Entries are similar in nature to short posts known from Facebook. We can inform our potential customers about news or a given promotional offer. Posts of this type should be added frequently. For Google, it will be a signal that the business card is up-to-date, and this is what the map wants to provide its users with.

Associating a website with a business card

A very good way to strengthen the position of our business card on Google Maps and its positioning is to associate it with the website. Such a link will increase our credibility and provide further information about our Google brand. So let’s add the website address of our website to the business card. The website itself is also worth positioning. The more recognizable it is on the web, the greater the benefits of linking a business card and website.