Positioning of YouTube Videos


Check how to optimize videos on YT so that they are in high positions in the website search results!

Positioning videos on YouTube is quite an unusual turn. Usually, when using the term positioning, we mean websites and increasing their ranking in the Google search engine. On YouTube, videos are also rated on a similar basis and placed in appropriate places on the search results list. There are many opportunities to consciously raise their position. Positioning itself is also simple and possible for everyone. In this text, we present all the elements and activities that we can take to make our YouTube video well-optimized and in the highest positions in YT search results.

Keyword selection

The first step in positioning a video on YouTube is selecting the appropriate keywords for which we want our video to be displayed in the YouTube search engine. In this aspect, searching on YT works just like websites on Google. Therefore, we should define the phrases and place them within the video so that YouTube displays our recording when someone enters a given word or phrase into the search engine. There are several ways to find out which phrases are best for the recording. The phrases should be selected so that they are searched often and there is little competition under them and those keywords that are typical for our movie. The first place to find a keyword list for a topic is the keyword planner. Google Ads has such a planner, and there are many private websites on the web, where we can also enter a given phrase or password and get a list of the most popular phrases. Another way to set keywords is to visit other people’s videos on similar topics and see what their titles and phrases are in the description.

Optimizing the video for SEO

The second step in positioning a video on YouTube is the appropriate optimization of the recording itself on the website. At the very beginning, create an appropriate name of the file that you want to upload to YT. This name should best sound like the title of the video and not be a string of random characters. When setting the title, use the most popular phrases and arrange it in such a way that it is clear and encourages to enter our video. The second very important issue is the description. We can give many phrases at this point. So it’s worth creating an interesting and long description that includes all your keywords. A kind of curiosity is that the first sentence of the description should be prepared especially for users and encouraged to enter, e.g. by answering the question what the movie is about. In the YouTube search engine, the first sentence is visible next to each thumbnail and it may influence the decision of the portal user, if it is interesting and illustrates what the recording is about. Keywords must also be placed in the tags section and you should use these fields to the maximum in the YT form, starting with the most popular.

Promotion of the video

Another very important factor that should be taken care of is the promotion of the video. Although positioning videos on YouTube is usually associated with their optimization – to make them more visible, YT also takes into account their popularity. The more popular and watched a video is, the higher its position. This is a good way to perform additional positioning activities when we have a properly created and uploaded video for the website itself. To increase the popularity of a given recording, we can advertise it in social media. It is a place where many people interested in various topics are staying. Our movie can therefore be promoted by creating a project page or adding tagged posts. Places where we can add a link to our recording are also internet forums or your website. If we have a certain amount for promotion, it is worth using it for advertising by an influencer who will recommend our channel to his fans or online advertising. The more people learn about our channel, the greater the number of views and the higher YT rating. We can also ask our friends for help.

The authenticity of the channel and the involvement of viewers

If we want our video to be popular and appear in high positions in YouTube search results, you should also take care of the channel itself. Many people do not appreciate this element, which is quite a mistake. YouTube also evaluates which channel a video is on and whether many people subscribe to it. Therefore, it is worth adding a thoughtful description containing keywords, high-rise graphics or appropriate tags. It is also worth linking it with other social media or a website and promoting it like the recording itself. We can also engage channel viewers with competitions or bets – promises that after reaching a certain number of subscriptions, we will perform a given activity or make a new movie. In order for the channel to be credible and liked, it is a good idea to tag it properly so that it is displayed to people with specific interests.

Good quality material

In order for our video to be highly positioned by YouTube, one of the best tips is to create good quality material. If the recording is interesting and will attract more viewers, we will certainly achieve the intended effect. Even the best optimization and positioning will not be effective when our material is of poor quality. For this purpose, it is worth creating guidance content that will bring the most benefits to viewers and timeless content that will be searched for over a long period. So we can check what videos are added by the best people in a given category and what is currently on top. Good quality material also means appropriate technical quality. The minimum requirement is to create a recording that will be in HD quality. You should also use professional graphics, appropriate editing or background music. Currently, for free – even for commercial use we can download videos, photos and music. Professional material will make many people recognize our brand or channel as such. When recording videos yourself, you should similarly take care of a properly representative place, a good camera, tripod, etc.