Recycle content – breathe life into old content


Recycling has been a hot topic lately. It is worth being interested not only in the context of waste, but also the content on the website. Thanks to it, you can significantly facilitate your work on content, use the potential of the most interesting and best received articles and increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities. What is content recycling and how to use it to gain? We explain!

What is content recycling?

As you can probably guess, content recycling is about reusing it. However, this does not mean publishing the exact same article a second time! Then we would be dealing with duplicate content, which has an extremely negative impact on SEO. Rather, it is about giving new life to ideas, data and information used previously. Perhaps you currently have more knowledge about a given topic or trends have changed? Perhaps, thanks to new technological achievements, the previously presented solutions to a problem are out of date? Or maybe you have a new idea to approach the issue already discussed? There are many possibilities.

Content recycling – why is it worth it?

Do you think that „reheating the old cutlet” will do nothing? Or maybe you are worried that such traffic will not appeal to your regular recipients? Nothing could be more wrong! There are content and topics that never get old and always get your attention. Recycling them properly can bring many benefits. Usually, it also significantly simplifies the process of delivering interesting content to recipients. Why is it worth being interested in?

Positive influence on positioning

By remaking or updating your content, you can add more keywords to it. As a rule, long articles are also considered more valuable by Google’s algorithms. Thanks to this, your position in the search engine can significantly improve. It is also worth remembering that Google likes websites that „live” – ​​they are constantly updated and expanded. As long as you don’t forget about quality, recycling content can be very beneficial from an SEO point of view.

Better adaptation to new Google requirements

It is also worth remembering that Google algorithms are constantly updated. As a result, the rules on recommended and forbidden behavior are changing. Until recently, keyword thickening was promoted, but now too much keyword concentration may lower a page’s position in the search results. Rather, it is recommended to use synonyms and construct valuable content more naturally. Thanks to recycling, you can adapt your existing content to the current guidelines.

Taking care of new and regular customers

Even a regular reader of your website or blog, after a maximum of several months, forgets about most of the information they read on it. In turn, new recipients rarely reach for older content – especially those from several years ago. Therefore, recycling is a great idea to meet the needs of both parties – especially if you present the same topic much more extensively than before or in a refreshed, improved form.

Possibility to use a different form of content presentation

Speaking of the form, recycling of the content allows you to update it. Currently, there are completely different trends in the presentation of information than a few years ago. Turn your substantive, but not too easily structured article into a bulleted list or guide, preferably supplemented with visual content – infographics, diagrams, photos, etc. You can also offer your audience a presentation, video or podcast. Thanks to this, you will certainly re-interest them in „old” information.

Content recycling – how to do it right?

So how do you make the „old” content get a new life and be able to interest your audience again? There are several ways, as well as rules that should be followed. As we explained earlier, recycling of content can involve different activities. Each of them is worth considering – there are many possibilities! Primarily:

  • updating the old content,
  • diversifying the content,
  • changing the form of presenting the topic,
  • changing the perspective from which the topic is discussed,
  • diversifying the content with additional elements.

You can also try to combine several articles into a series. An interesting procedure is also the cyclical publication of the most popular or interesting content (during the week, month, quarter or year). This is a very simple method thanks to which your content will reach a larger number of recipients.

Recycling content is a great opportunity, especially for those creators who have been on the web for a long time and are struggling with acquiring new audiences or ideas for new, „fresh” content marketing. It is also a way to adapt to the new requirements of Google algorithms, or the Internet users themselves, who now have completely different expectations than a few years ago. If you do it right, you will achieve your goals.