Shares trading school


We live in a time when almost all markets and shares trading school tools for work are available to us. And the right choice of market and shares trading school instrument is the key to how quickly and easily a trader will succeed. Daily stock market trading attracts an increasing number of people. This can be explained by the fact that, according to leading traders, the number of successful stock market traders is an order of magnitude higher than in other markets.

Stock Concept

According to the dictionary – Stock (Aktie, from action, claim) – an equity security, securing the rights of its owner (shareholder) to receive part of the joint-stock company’s profit in the form of dividends, to participate in the management of the joint-stock company and to some of the property remaining after it liquidation.

But do not be scared – the shares that we trade on the electronic exchange. These are just records in the database on the computers of the exchange, and this way of storing data makes it possible to trade on the markets remotely using exchange terminals, without being present on the trading courses floor. Therefore, you can learn how to trade stocks at a shares trading school without inconvenience with their content and additional responsibility.

To trade successfully

Choosing the right tool is the first step to successful trading courses. And your chances of success will be the higher, the more smooth and orderly movement the selected trading courses instrument will make. Any stock, currency, or futures, from time to time, have a certain smoothness and technical analysis when the methods you choose are stable and do not give frequent failures.

But only in markets with a large selection of trading instruments, your chances of finding the right one will be highest. And since about seven thousand shares are traded on American stock exchanges, you always have a chance to find one that suits you according to your trading style, temperament, and time interval.

Key Benefits of Stock trading courses

  • a large selection of stocks: a trader can always find those stocks that meet his requirements;
  • access to the specialist’s book, transaction tape, and volumes, where pending orders of market participants and transaction volumes are visible;
  • stocks more predictably work out economic news, especially in the section of economic sectors;
  • the presence of market-neutral shares that go independently of the market;
  • bidding transparency – you see orders that you send to the market yourself and, in turn, those that other participants send;
  • The price per share is the same for the whole world and without any “left” shifts and fluctuations;
  • the broker doesn’t care how much you earn – he is not interested in losing the client, instead, on the contrary, your success is beneficial because of the commissions;
  • fewer risks, which affects the technical analysis, predictability, and smoothness of shares;
  • work on the “right” shares allows you to achieve much higher profit margins at the least risk;

What do we teach

The school specializes in teaching cryptocurrency trading courses, stock market:

  • close positions by the end of the session;
  • trade only liquid assets;
  • we precisely consider and tightly control the risks.

We train positional trading courses and carrying out investment trading courses.

We teach trading courses on the exchange because it is reliable and provides an opportunity for private traders to earn money.

What are you getting

  • access to company capital, which allows you to trade in large volumes
  • a free professional terminal tailored specifically for traders
  • risk management and technical support team
  • reliable contract, completely “white” cashless payments with payment of taxes established by law

Why do students choose our course

  • Two weeks of daily classes on the theory and practice of trade (with emphasis on practice), then the opportunity to train under the supervision of a teacher
  • Free demo site for training trading on trading courses, which realistically mimics the market
  • All classes are held with the teacher, who gives constant feedback from the teacher on all issues
  • Help students to develop their strategies trading courses from the current trader, analyze your mistakes
  • The ability to observe the trading courses of professional traders
  • Teachers teach to make transactions correctly, with minimal risk, Earnings on economic and other news
  • A large block in training is occupied by useful tips on the development of self-discipline, monitoring your emotional state and psychological attitude
  • After training, it is possible to get into a pop company for internships and trading, as well as the ability to create your trading courses for beginners
  • Privacy policy guards every student