Start your own business as a dentist


f you want to become self-employed as a dentist , you need a successfully completed dental degree or a license to practice medicine as a basis. At the same time, every prospective dentist with his own practice should be clear from the start that there are numerous entrepreneurial challenges and options waiting for him to become self-employed. In this article, essential factors for successful strategic course setting as well as the advantages of independence are outlined. Practical tips for orientation should also be presented.

Starting your own business as a dentist: What interested parties can read here

  • Weigh up options: individual or group practice or takeover of the practice?
  • central factors in starting a business: orientation and financing
  • Advantages of self-employment compared to an employment relationship
  • formal aspects of founding a dental practice
  • Opportunities for professional orientation before setting up a practice

Business start-up: Thoroughly investigate self-employment in advance

The studies and the assistant doctor phase have been completed and many career paths are open. The numbers for practice start-ups in the dental field have been fairly constant for years. If you want to open a practice, you should first find a good location . In addition to modern and suitable rooms, the competitive situation should not be too great, which can be the case especially in large cities. In addition, it is important to consider whether a group practice is initially an option in order to share costs and 'test' independence. It is also an attractive option to take over an existing practice, because such a patient base does not have to be laboriously built up. In any case, a thorough concept should be drawn up, paying particular attention to funding. Anyone setting up a practice from scratch must reckon with quite high costs for the technology (think of an X-ray machine, for example). Of course, dental technology can in principle also be bought used or leased. Anyone who wants to convince banks to approve a necessary loan definitely needs a coherent business plan. Of course, the professional orientation must also be considered: Should all dental services be offered or a specific focus set (e.g. dentures or maxillofacial surgery)? In addition to the location, of course, the specialist training including the focus plays a central role.

Re-drilled: Special requirements for starting a dental practice

In order to set up your own dental practice, an entry in the dental register is required in addition to the indispensable license to practice medicine. An application required for this can be submitted to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. If you want to offer prosthetic restoration, depending on the practice or focus of activity, you may have to take care of a sustainable cooperation with dental laboratories. Alternatively, of course, your own laboratory can be integrated in the practice rooms, which means higher costs (also for specialist staff). However, patients then receive all services from a single source, which can represent a strong added value and thus a competitive advantage. It goes without saying that all necessary materials are properly stored in the practice roomsNeed to become. Good practice management is a prerequisite for ensuring that all materials are always available. A warehouse that is too full not only ties up the required capital: This increases the risk that values ​​will be destroyed due to the expired best-before date.

Feel the tooth: the advantages and opportunities of having your own dental practice

A permanent position in a clinic has the advantage that administrative and economic challenges come to the fore: employed dentists can concentrate on their work, while their own practice still entails managing the entire business. A employed dentist also does not have to bear the financial risk of repayments. In their own practice, however, the dentist can act freely and independently. Fixed practice times also allow a fairly high degree of flexibilityenjoy. In comparison to an employee relationship, the account balance is not determined by negotiations, but by your own decisions: How many patients do I accept? Which chargeable additional services do I offer? Which treatment priorities do I set and how can I settle these with the health insurance companies? Do I concentrate only on funded patients or do I open a practice for those with private health insurance? If you act independently, you can turn various adjusting screws to shape your income situation. Having your own practice naturally also incurs fixed costs for the rooms and staff.

Practical tip: use the assistantship as a professional orientation

The assistantship is a good opportunity to gain clarity about your own wishes at an early stage. During this time, every dentist should ask himself whether he or she would like to work independently or independently and whether he / she has the confidence to tackle business challenges in addition to technical knowledge. Billing with the health insurance companies is also one of the resource-intensive tasks that professional practice management has to perform on a regular basis. Anyone who feels the urge to start their own business should already deal with administrative and business issues in the phase of the assistant doctor’s time. And going to a group practice can be an option to minimize personal financial risks.

Gnawing on the ravages of time: attracting new patients and explicitly addressing fears

Anyone who does not take over an ongoing practice must first build up a patient base . This shouldn’t be a problem in locations where there is a dental shortage. In order to reach patients anytime and anywhere, a search engine optimized website is an indispensable necessity. It is important to always be present for searching patients and to present the practice rooms and treatment options effectively. Personal words from the team can also have a big impact, because quite a few people shy away from going to the dentist. With this in mind, it can make sense to refer to so-called ' anxiety patients” and to position oneself as unique in the patient’s perception with innovative treatment methods. One thinks, for example, of innovative treatment approaches with nitrous oxide that can replace the unpopular syringe. Practical online appointments can also be part of the attractive added value from the patient ’s point of view . Of course, the practice should also be present in traditional media such as the yellow pages in order to address the broadest possible target group . You should also keep a constant eye on the increasingly popular review portals for doctors: negative reviews can lead to many potential patients looking for another practice. The effect of such portals should not be underestimated: Studies show that almost every second person uses such portals for decision-making. Bad reviews can, for example, be invalidated by a personal statement by the doctor or at least presented from the other side.

Starting your own business as a dentist: formalities, options, advantages and practical tips

  • A dental degree (license to practice medicine) is the basic requirement for starting a practice
  • From a formal point of view, entry in the dentist register is mandatory before the practice opens
  • Weighing up strategic options: founding a new practice, taking over an existing or joint practice as a risk-reducing solution?
  • the location and the range of services are the basic requirements for sustainable success
  • In addition to dental know-how, business knowledge is also required, and financing in particular needs to be carefully planned
  • Compared to the employment relationship, the income can be controlled in a targeted manner through your own decisions (range of services)
  • the assistant doctor phase should be used for professional orientation; if necessary, prospective self-employed should deal with administrative and business issues at an early stage
  • A search engine optimized homepage helps to automatically win new patients and to dispel the much-described 'fear of the dentist' (innovative treatment methods can calm fear patients)
  • More and more patients inform themselves in advance on rating portals: therefore, a critical look should be taken here regularly