The 5 most common mistakes made when working with a blogger


Cases of cooperation with bloggers who have managed to „go sideways” by many positioners or online store owners are very well known. Why? There are many reasons that can disrupt the blogger-brand relationship. It is very often difficult to determine who is right because each side has different goals.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that occur when working with a blogger:

1. Wrong approach

When we start cooperation and establish contact with a blogger, we must take into account that his vision does not always have to coincide with ours. A blogger, when undertaking advertising cooperation, usually creates content that is consistent with his image, idea, idea. Thanks to this, its readers will receive it naturally, which will also translate into the effectiveness of a sponsored post or product placement on a blog.

2. Inappropriate barter rate / value

Financial issues are usually the most controversial. Each blogger has different goals and assumptions. Some choose barter, others only cash. When offering a blogger a specific price or barter value, try to assess whether this will offend the blogger. Seriously blogging is not fun. It is very often hard work that the blogger devotes time, commitment and talent to.

3. Lack of specific arrangements

This is another reason that can ruin even the best idea for cooperation (sponsored entry, advertising campaign, etc.). We, as principals, should determine (before contacting the blogger) what we care about, what is the goal of our campaign and what we expect. Of course, we cannot interfere with the text – this is an individual work of the blogger. Before a blogger starts creating a sponsored entry, it is worth confirming previous arrangements.

4. The assumption that the blogger is worse than us

Several times I have heard that the owner of the store decided in advance that the blogger is a creature without a voice who only shows clothes, cosmetics and other „nonsense”. This approach made communication difficult, as a savvy blogger will always sense disrespect or treatment upfront. Remember that in order for a blogger to respect you and your interests, and to approach the cooperation professionally, you must show him the same. After all, he has a much greater range than the store that wants to buy advertising from him.

5. No statistics 

Before we decide to cooperate with a specific blogger, we should ask about his statistics (e.g. from Google Analytics) and ranges. Bloggers who approach their business professionally always have specific information at their disposal. On this basis, we will be able to assess whether the blogger actually offers us a valuable publication that fits our vision.

Remember that mutual respect and communication are also important – it definitely facilitates cooperation.