The influence of wall colors on the well-being of residents


Psychologists have proven long ago that colors have a significant impact on the well-being, psyche and health of a person. However, it is often underestimated, albeit wrongly. It is worth choosing the right colors for the interior we visit most often.

Selected colors and their influence on well-being


This color is associated with the sun and is very joyful. It greatly improves your mood and gives you energy to act. Yellow will improve concentration and have a positive effect on the process of remembering facts. This shade will be perfect for a living room and a children’s room. The child will have ideal learning conditions. Yellow is also very often used in offices and lecture halls. It looks best in combination with grays and natural wood. It is also important that yellow shades brighten the interior.


The mild, yet very mysterious color will add elegance to the room. It has a positive effect on creativity. It will be the best choice for people who like peace, quiet and harmony. Violet soothes the nerves, it calms down, but it should not be decided by people with low self-esteem because it can depress them.

It is worth introducing the violet inside in the form of accessories, e.g. pillows or curtains, or it can be placed on one wall. This color can be introduced into the living room or kitchen. An interesting effect can be achieved if purple is combined with yellow shades.


The purity and innocence of this color will bring spaciousness into the interior. A lot of people feel great in such rooms because they give a sense of freedom. By placing it in the interiors, it will be possible to achieve peace and harmony, as well as relieve emotions. Eyes in white rooms can rest. However, this color can have a suppressive effect on lonely and depleted people, especially if used in excess.


It is a perfect background for other colors because it is neutral. It has practically no effect on your well-being, because it neither calms down nor stimulates. This color should not be used in excess, as the interior will become depressing.


The harmony, peace and sense of security this color provides are essential in many homes. The color closest to nature will appeal to people looking for life stabilization, but if used in excess, it can lower the mood.


One of the most calming colors will work in the rooms of injured people and people looking for emotional relief. This color has the ability to lower blood pressure, reduces muscle tension, and also has a positive effect on the treatment of claustrophobia. It will be the perfect choice for a bedroom, which should be a place of rest and relaxation.