The company was founded by  Adam Bielarz  in 1990. At present, despite the strong competition on the market, the company is developing, has several repair stations and experienced employees. Since the beginning of the company   , its services have been used by many satisfied customers, and those who have visited it so far always come back.
State Poland
Headquarters Krakow, Żółkiewskiego 28, 31-539
NIP of activity 6761159935
Date of establishing the website 1990-07-16
Web page

Car mechanic –

Exact address:

Street: ul. Hetman Żółkiewski
Number of the building: 28
Postcode: 31-539
City: Cracow
District: Krakow-Śródmieście
Voivodeship: Lesser Poland

Main services-Mechanika Pojazdowa

High-quality repairs, experienced mechanics and modern diagnostic solutions. Find a good workshop in Krakow. The company repairs  all motor  vehicles .

  • shock absorbers
  • oils and filters
  • brake pads
  • exhaust systems
  • bearings
  • candles
  • coolers
  • Ignition cables
  • brake discs
  • steering knobs
  • steering rods
  • timing belts
  • jaws
  • towing hooks
  • valves
  • pistons
  • windows
  • water pumps
  • wishbones
  • erasing errors
  • couplings


  • tire repair
  • summer tires
  • winter tires
  • used tires

The company can diagnose any fault free of charge and repair it for an additional fee. You will carry out comprehensive repairs and operational replacement of components. You will also perform adjustments and repairs of gasoline engines. You can also install towbars for all car brands.