What does an interactive agency do and why is it worth using its services?


The first thought that arises after the question „what is an interactive agency?” are „websites!” because it is the most common service provided by this type of agency. It all really starts with the websites and online stores themselves. For this optional but necessary internet marketing that allows you to reach new customers. In addition, interactive agencies offer a variety of services that will make you stand out – for example, graphic design or a virtual walk .

The main goal of an interactive agency is to create websites (including stores) and promote them online in such a way as to meet the customer’s needs.

Table of Contents:

  • What is an interactive agency?
  • An interactive agency allows you to exist on the Internet
  • Interactive agency or Freelancer? The difference in prices and quality of service performance
  • Websites and online stores are the result of teamwork
  • Graphic materials created by professionals
  • Let the agency take care of internet marketing
  • Long-term cooperation as support for your company
  • Interactive agency from the inside
  • How to assess whether an interactive agency is operating effectively?

What is an interactive agency?

The interactive agency is responsible for creating the brand, effectively advertising it on the Internet and supporting the necessary activities. This form was supposed to be a development of an advertising agency, but with the development of the Internet, the scope of activities has become wider (and continues to grow!).

„Interactive agency – an advertising agency specializing in the preparation and implementation of strategies for building the image of companies on the Internet based on the marketing assumptions presented by the client.” – wikipedia.org

An interactive agency is often confused with an advertising agency and it is no wonder, because both forms are similar in nature. The first form is limited only to the Internet – it designs and creates websites, promotes them and supports the necessary activities that allow you to appear on the Internet. An advertising agency is usually limited to advertising only.

An interactive agency allows you to exist on the Internet

Just think how many times a day you visit social networking sites. How many times on the Internet have you looked for a reliable company and opinions about the stores where you wanted to shop? Maybe you even found attractive limited-time discounts?

A dozen or so years ago, our everyday life was a bit different. Today, the Internet is the second world to which each of us devotes our time. Unfortunately, many people still do not realize how much the Internet can fuel business – not only locally!

Interactive agencies ensure that their clients achieve their goals. Cooperation is most often based on a comprehensive and coherent action – striving to create the best possible brand image, as well as hitting the right target to maintain conversion at a high level.

Interactive agency or Freelancer? The difference in prices and quality of service performance

Many people choose freelancers over agencies because they usually have lower prices, but have you wondered why it is better to choose an agency?

Why is it worth to bet on an interactive agency? First of all, because a team of people work on the effect – graphic designer, back-end and front-end developer, copywriter, SEOwiec. It all depends on how advanced your website is to be.

The interactive agency will make sure that everything is buttoned up to the last button. If you want, the agency will prepare for you a unique template and graphics to stand out from the competition. Freelancers usually operate on „cash”.

An additional advantage of an interactive agency is the possibility of developing your website. The agency can do all content or product updates for you. In addition, most agencies offer Internet Marketing , which is most often based on positioning . The effects are reported with the use of internet user visit analytics. Freelancers do not offer such an extensive offer.

Websites and online stores are the result of teamwork

Have you been on the market for years and you need to refresh or create a completely new website to reach more customers? Or maybe you come to the conclusion that Internet sales are what should bring you the most profits today? An interactive agency will create a company website, e-commerce store, information portal and even a blog for you. The entire team of analysts, strategists, graphic designers and programmers will ensure that your new website is of the highest quality . Finally, it will undergo tests that will confirm its reliability .

There are interactive agencies that expect you to provide most of the materials (content, photos, banners) , but there are also those that will create everything from scratch, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Usually, cooperation with agencies is long-term . Creating a website usually takes from several to several dozen days. The interactive agency makes sure that the website not only meets the client’s requirements, but is also properly optimized for internet marketing.

Graphic materials created by professionals

Duplicating existing templates won’t make you stand out. Good quality visual materials are a very important element that catches the eye of the customer. They should not be empty graphics, but elements that make you want to use your services. An interactive agency can create a completely distinctive visual identity for you – from a logotype and a unique corporate website, even to professional videos and photo sessions.

Let the agency take care of internet marketing

Often, ignorant people think that just creating a website or store is everything. Unfortunately, the customers will not come themselves. This is only the first stage of the „adventure” in the online world. The competition in some industries is so great that without a good campaign it is very difficult to break through. According to experts, the competition will be only greater each year – regardless of the industry.

A good interactive agency is able to offer you an internet marketing offer – from SEM and Kontent Marketingu activities to promotion in Social Media and mailing. The effectiveness of marketing activities is never certain and depends on many factors. The form of activities and prices are always selected individually.

Marketing activities of interactive agencies work properly as long as there is efficient communication between the agency and the client. Customer expectations and needs must be known in order to create a measurable action plan based on them.

The most popular form of marketing is website positioning , i.e.  SEO , although today it is already referred to as  SXO . SEO, or  Search Engine Optimization,  focuses on positioning the website in the highest positions – the goal is to gain recipients. SXO is a combination of SEO, UX  (User Experience) and CRO  (Conversion Rate Optimization) . Such activities not only focus on gaining a high position, but above all on gaining as many customers as possible.

In order to expand your brand on the Internet, an interactive agency can use the potential of  Social Media. On your behalf, the agency will run social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and run professional advertising campaigns. Social Media profiles also mean easier contact with customers.

Long-term cooperation as support for your company

The knowledge and experience of people working in an interactive agency is a support for many companies. In this case, the agency not only conducts online marketing or digital activities, but can also act as an advisor every day. The agency knows well the requirements of Internet users and knows how to use the potential. This type of cooperation looks like a partnership with benefits for both sides.

Interactive agency from the inside

Today’s interactive agencies offer such a wide range of services that they employ a diverse team of specialists. Programmers, graphic designers and internet marketing specialists are the vast majority. The tasks that employees receive are of varying degrees of advancement, so even people with a short internship can make a career in an interactive agency. It’s the perfect place to learn new skills.

It is not only „creative work” . In an interactive agency, you need the ability to adapt to what the client wants, although sometimes you get a „free hand” . In some positions, contact with customers plays an important role . At times, working in such a place is very similar to classic office work.

How to start working in an interactive agency? Companies often advertise conscription on their own company pages and Social Media profiles. It is not a secret that experience in this industry is very important, so it is worth learning the craftsmanship that interests you the most at home.

How to assess whether an interactive agency is operating effectively?

The main factor that makes an interactive agency work effectively is the individual approach to the client. Working with ready-made schemes is not the best solution, because every business is different. Extensive experience should pay off in the future. Thanks to long-term cooperation, the agency is able to get to know your needs and the market on which you operate in order to derive the greatest benefits thanks to the presence on the Internet.