What is spyware


Spyware is a type of malicious software that hackers use to spy on to gain access to your confidential information, banking details, or online activity. We will show you how you can protect yourself against spying.

Spyware is a type of software that is hard to detect. It collects information about your surfing habits, browsing history or confidential data (such as credit card numbers), and often uses the Internet to pass this information on to third parties without your knowledge. Keyloggers are a type of spyware that monitors keystrokes.

Where does spyware come from

Spyware is often bundled with other software or with downloads from file sharing sites (for example, places where you can download free music or movies), and it can get installed when you open email attachments. Due to the secret nature of spyware, most people don’t even know that this type of threat has arrived on the computer.

How to recognize spyware

New or unidentified icons may appear in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and you may be redirected to another search engine while searching. Random error messages may start appearing when performing operations that previously worked without a problem.

How to remove spyware

Antivirus software can find and remove spyware from your computer as it usually includes antispyware protection. You can also check Programs and Features for items that were not installed on your computer.

How to prevent spyware

  • Make sure your browser, operating system, and software have the latest updates and security patches installed.
  • Set your browser security and privacy levels to a higher level.
  • Be especially careful if you frequently use file-sharing sites.
  • Don’t click on pop-up windows.

Protect yourself from spyware

There’s no better way to identify, remove, and prevent spyware than using an antivirus and anti-spyware utility